Moving Guide: The Big Move

Moving services, connections, gas
and utilities

Let us help you sort all your moving providers.

Getting started

Our moving guide provides you with useful information that will benefit you during your moving experience.

Things to organise for new home

  • Telephone.
  • Internet and cable connection.
  • Gas.
  • Electricity.
  • Water.
  • Other.

The week before moving

  • Remind and confirm dates/times/locations for furniture removal company.
  • Confirm moving in/moving out details and key exchange with your Harcourts salesperson.
  • Let children say goodbye to friends and neighbours.
  • Say goodbye yourself.

Have one last check

  • Nothing left behind?
  • No clothes at dry cleaners?
  • No gear stored away from your property?
  • Electricity and gas turned off?
  • Telephone disconnected?
  • Water turned off and no taps left running?
  • Light switches off?
  • Windows and doors latched?
  • Keys with solicitor? (if appropriate)